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Mitch Schurmans  Chief Operating Officer and Vice President

Bringing people together

“When people ask me what I do, I tell them I work for a trust company helping people look after their financial affairs. A very traditional trust company.

“I saw the increased focus on fees, centralized decision making and standardized procedures in other companies and it convinced me there was a need for a more traditional approach. And I wasn't alone. All of our company's founders hold common values built around a deep understanding of trust and a dedication to service.

“Working one on one with clients, every situation is unique and every solution is personalized. I have to be able to distill, simplify and communicate solutions to complex issues so my clients understand their options and can make informed choices. With so much diversity in my job, I can't imagine I'll ever grow tired of it.

“Clients tell me I'm good at bringing people together - their family members, their other advisors – and getting everybody to a common understanding. I watch closely to see how people react to proposals. That's how I make sure my clients get what they need, whether it's helping to grow wealth, preserve wealth or fulfill a commitment to philanthropy.

“ I relate well to people. I know my clients trust me to do the right thing every time and I take that as high praise.”

Mitch is completing certification studies leading to the Professional & Certified Financial Planner Designation granted through the Institute of Canadian Bankers.


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