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Acting as trustee is a weighty responsibility in both financial and ethical terms. Our Trust Officers bring outstanding depth and breadth of experience in Trust Administration to every case and are personally involved with and willingly accountable for every plan that is put into place. Should an unusually complex issue arise, they have quick access to the broad experience of our Board of Directors.

Trusts are of particular interest to families with substantial assets, especially professionals and business or family farm owners. Among the more common are trusts where estate assets provide one beneficiary with income for life and upon their death, the remaining capital is divided among other beneficiaries. Or where the income from assets provides stable, very long term funding for charities, scholarships or special causes.

Oak Trust can help in many other special circumstances. It may be parents or siblings ensuring the welfare of a disabled child or family member. It may be a husband or wife providing the assurance of guaranteed support for a financially inexperienced family member. It may be the sale of a business or settlement of a legal dispute where certain conditions must be met.

We are committed to fulfilling our fiduciary duties expertly and with compassion.

Customized Trustee Services

Oak Trust's value is not based on prepackaged plans. We provide fully customized solutions at fees commensurate with the magnitude and complexity of each case and can assist in all aspects of planning and administering a trust, including:

Always on your side

We are an independent, federally chartered trust company focused on traditional trust services. We do not take deposits, lend money or engage in the cross-selling of financial products and will not accept any third party fee, benefit or commission for placing business or dealing on behalf of a client.

We are unrelenting in our commitment to provide independent, objective, customized assistance to the individuals and families we serve and open in all dealings with clients and their trusted advisors. In all our duties, we will not allow our interests to conflict with those of our clients.

We are serious about our commitments and have documented them in a Client Bill of Rights that we invite you to view.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail and strict confidence the role Oak Trust could take in a specific trust need.

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