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Acting as executor is a weighty responsibility

Acting as executor is a weighty responsibility in both financial and ethical terms. Time is required to deal with the details. Expertise is required to do it right the first time. And not just for estates involving substantial assets, distant families or complex instructions. Even when things appear straightforward it is wise to get advice from your lawyer on the duties as well as the risks of acting as executor.

Here's how Oak Trust can help

Our Trust Officers are dedicated professionals with the experience to assess complexities and advise appropriate solutions. They fully understand the weight of their duties and have the proven ability to carry them out. Just as importantly, we understand our areas of expertise and know how to collaborate with specialists in the accounting, legal and investment communities.

We can act as agent for a named executor

A person who has estate settlement experience may feel unable to devote the time needed to carry out the detailed and demanding duties of an executor. Oak Trust will work entirely in the background, performing duties on behalf of the named executor but involving them when decisions are required. Fees are agreed upon before work begins based on the magnitude and complexity of duties. The named executor has the benefit of expert assistance while retaining responsibility for settlement of the estate.

We can act as co-executor

There are times when even an experienced executor will decide that assistance is required. Oak Trust will work with the named executor to determine the most effective ways to settle an estate. Our Trust Officers will handle most of the detailed duties, including record keeping, calling on the named executor when decisions are required. Fees are agreed upon before work begins based on the magnitude and complexity of duties. The named executor shares responsibility with the co-executor for settlement of the estate.

We can act as sole executor

When a person named as executor is unable or unwilling to take on responsibility for any part of the estate settlement process, Oak Trust will step in for the executor and undertake the entire set of duties.

Fees are agreed upon before work begins and are based on the magnitude and complexity of duties. Oak Trust has full responsibility for settlement of the estate.

You can customize your estate settlement support

We provide fully customized solutions that embrace all or selected aspects of planning and settling an estate, including:

We present the named executor or beneficiaries with a detailed report covering all aspects of our involvement and retain key documentary records permanently.

You get expert assistance with estate settlement

The terms of the Will determine how an estate will be distributed and how much latitude an executor is given. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise during settlement. When facing the unexpected, innovative solutions are required and experience is your biggest asset. Choosing Oak Trust gives you access to specialized estate settlement experience and the longevity of a corporate structure that ensures we will be there to fulfill executor duties when required.

You pay only for the work done

Our fees are based on the degree of our involvement and directly reflect the magnitude and complexity of each case. You can count on a job that is done well and done right the first time. All at a cost lower than you might expect.

You have our word on it

We combine years of estate settlement experience with contemporary technology to deliver fully customized solutions. We are serious about our commitment to the individuals we serve and have documented that commitment in a Client Bill of Rights and an Advisor Bill of Rights.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in strict confidence the role Oak Trust could take in a specific estate.

Oak Trust also provides a full range of complementary sole or assisted Trustee Services, Trust accounting and long term record keeping * Structured settlement trusts Charitable and special purpose trusts * Perpetual services * Escrow services

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