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Client Bill of Rights

You have the right to expect that we will only make promises we can keep and that we will keep every promise we make. We are willingly accountable for our service to you. In all our dealings, we promise to:

Always act in your best interests. We will not accept any third party fee, benefit or commission for placing your business or dealing on your behalf.

Act with professionalism and discretion, treating all aspects of our relationship in the strictest confidence

Answer all of your questions fully and promptly

Provide you with advice and recommendations based on a thorough understanding of your needs

Prepare reports, implement decisions and carry out our duties in a timely manner

Respect the existing relationships you have with your other professional advisors and involve them as fully as you choose

Set our fees relative to the complexity and magnitude of our duties and explain them to you in advance

We will continually monitor our performance against these promises and welcome your suggestions on how we can improve.

If you have a complaint or concern about our staff or services, see Resolving Your Concerns.

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